Welcome to Destiny Archive.

Have you ever been frustrated by searching through different online spreadsheets for the card you want? How often do you ask yourself, do I have this card already? And did you trade by accident a card you needed? Are you looking for an easy way to trade your cards?

If you can answer those questions with a ‘yes’, you are in luck because the Destiny Archive can fix this!


Search cards easily.

Search across collections of all registered users for the trade that you need or are missing.


Get an overview of what is missing from your collection.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what is missing to complete your playset, or what what is missing for that one deck you need. Maintaining a ‘Wants’ list also helps other people to start trading with you


Check which cards you have Spare before you trade them.

After you have started collecting from a set, it becomes hard to maintain an overview what you already have - and what you might want to track. Destiny Archive provides you with the ability to get an overview of your spare cards, before you decide to trade them. While you usually only use 2 of a kind for a play set- having/ maintaining more of a certain card can be very useful (I’m looking at you Electroshock!)